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    Custom shoe service

    Custom shoe service
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    Private label service
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Meet The Team

LISHANGZI has a creative and experienced design team that can quickly and accurately grasp the customer's focus, ensuring that your brand receives personalized attention and support in design, packaging and delivery.

  • Ben


    Design expert

    Specialist in personalized shoe designs reflecting global trends.Proficient in data-driven research for effective sales strategies in diverse regions.Experienced in collaborating with influential brands for global expansion.

  • Beary Xiong

    Beary Xiong

    Business manager

    Responsible for the company's overseas sales for 10 years, communicate with customers through overseas business trips, on-site visits, exhibitions, etc., expand more sales channels for customers, complete sales goals and achievea win-win situation;

  • Zhang LI

    Zhang LI

    President of the Purchasing and Production Division of Shoes and Balls

    In 1998, she began learning women's shoe design and established her own R&D team, founding an independent shoe brand. Her focus was on creating comfortable and fashionable women's shoes, aiming to break away from conventional designs and redefine the industry. With her passion and dedication, she achieved great success in China's fashion design field.Her original and unexpected designs, along with her unique vision and tailoring skills, propelled the brand to new heights. From 2016 to 2018, the brand received numerous accolades and participated in Fashion Week's official schedule. In August 2019, it was honored with the title of the most influential women's shoe brand in Asia.

Factory and Technology

Factory and Technology

Lishangzi has two production modes, one of which is an assembly line mode. We have 6 production lines and can produce a maximum of 1200 pairs of shoes per day; Another type is handmade shoe making, which is difficult for machines to produce perfectly due to complex designs and requires mature craftsmen to manually complete.


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